The Spanish term Bebibilidad literally means 'drinkability'.

Our wines are made with drinkability in mind, to be enjoyed as soon as they are released for sale.We understand that very few wines these days are laid down for years to mature; you want them now, easy to drink, fruity and of great quality. That is the Luis Felipe Edwards ethos.


Why Screwcap?

At Luis Felipe Edwards we take pride in the quality of all our wines.

We believe that the different styles of wine need different types of closure, and there is a growing demand from the consumers all over the world for fresh and fruity wines.

In the main ranges we use top quality cork for Icons and Gran Reserva/Family Selection wines,that needs time to develop in the bottle. However screw cap is the ideal closure for the rest of the range: it keeps the wines fresh and avoids the occasional and unavoidable “corked” bottles.