The atmospheric old cellar at Puquillay (pronounced poo-kee-yaï), with its magnificent chandeliers and collection of vintage horse-drawn carriages, is designed and built along traditional Chilean lines using local materials.  It is surrounded by beautiful gardens and lush natural vegetation.

Today this building is the centrepiece of a thoroughly modern winery complex with a capacity of 25 million litres.  This includes stainless steel vats and cement vats for fermentation and storage, and also French and American oak barrels used for ageing the finest wines for up to 2 years.

A fully temperature-controlled building was added in 2005 specifically to house new bottling and labelling lines.  State-of-the-art French, Italian and German machinery ensures that Luis Felipe Edwards wine are produced to the highest international quality standards.

In 2007 part of the old cellar was transformed into a small “winery within a winery” dedicated to making the wines of the ground-breaking LFE900 mountain vineyards project.  Ninety small capacity stainless steel open-top fermenters, a manual sorting table and traditional vertical press were among the equipment installed to receive and process 10 different grape varieties  from the 110 small plots planted at altitudes of up to 900 metres above sea level, unique in this part of Chile.


Luis Felipe Edwards  Winery